Wednesday, December 16, 2009



The epic love story of a high-school girl (Bella Swan) and her vampire beau (Edward Cullen) based on the hit book series by Stephenie Meyer, has reached fans worldwide! Take the following Twilight quizzes to test your knowledge.

  1. Which Twilight character are you?
    Want to know which Twilight character you are in the Twilight series? Take the quiz and find out if you're one of the Cullen coven. Test your personality to see if you're dazzling Edward Cullen, or romantic Bella Swan.

  2. Bella
    How well do you know Isabella Marie Swan?Test your knowledge of Bella Swan and the Twilight Saga with the Team Bella quiz.

  3. Edward
    Do you like men who sparkle? See if you are worthy of Edward Cullen when you take the Team Edward quiz.

  4. Alice & Jasper
    See how much you know about these exciting characters from the Twilight series.

  5. Bella’s Family
    Do you really know everything about Bella Swan and her family? Find out when you take Bella’s Family quiz.

  6. Carlisle & Esme
    Take the Team Carlisle & Esme quiz and see how much you really know about these characters from the Twilight Saga.

  7. Stephenie Meyer
    You read her books, but do you know anything about this bestselling author? Find out when you take the Stephenie Meyer quiz.

  8. Emmett and Rosalie
    Learn more about about the Twilight series characters Emmett and Rosalie when you take this quiz.

  9. Quotes Quiz One
    So you’ve read all the Twilight books like a dozen times, right? Do you know all the greatest lines? Test yourself here with the Twilight Saga Quotes Quiz One and see if you can truly call yourself a Twilighter.

  10. Quotes Quiz Two
    O.k.! So you took the first Twilight Saga Quotes Quiz and you did pretty well. Let’s see how much you really know. Take Twilight Saga Quotes Quiz Two and see if you can dazzle me!!

  11. Quotes Quiz Three
    So like Alice you are an unstoppable force of nature when it comes to knowing your Twilight quotes. Well take your chances with the Twilight Saga Quotes Quiz Three and see if I’ll be betting on you.

  12. Quotes Quiz Four
    So three quote quizzes down and you are still doing well. Do you have the leeches on speed dial or what? Well here it is the last quiz. Take the Twilight Saga Quotes Quiz Four and see if you are worthy to run with the pack.

  13. Jacob
    Take the Team Jacob quiz and see if you deserve to be a fan of the Twilight series and Jacob Black.

  14. Twilight Vampires
    Learn all about the Volturi and other covens in the Twilight Saga when you take the Twilight vampires quiz.

  15. Vampire Powers
    Take the Twilight vampire powers quiz and learn all about the various abilities of the undead in the Twilight Saga.

  16. Wolf Pack Think you can run with wolves? Take the Twilight wolf pack quiz and see how much you know about werewolf trivia.